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Become An Alcance Angel of Hope

Alcance means "Outreach" in Spanish and "Angel" describes a messenger of God's hope. Therefore an "Alcance Angel" is anyone who reaches out (Alcance) with a message of God's hope (Angel). This message can come through a spoken word but the most practicle way to bring hope is by providing financial resourcse to minister to those in need.

You can become an "Alcance Angel" because your visit today shows you have an interest and your resources enable you to have an impact. Please consider the opportunities listed below and make a commitment to become our next "Alcance Angel" by delivering hope to the hopeless...

Uniforms for Pre-schoolers
(not allowed to attend school unless in uniform)
$25.00 per child
Food Preparation
for Pre-school cooks and servers
$50.00 per week
Daily Feedings at the Pre-school
150-200 children
$175.00 per week
Home Repairs (roofs, walls, floors) $1,200.00 per house
Construction Materials Shed
for home repair projects
Well for Church and Feeding Center $5,000.00  
Used Clothing
for children up to 5 years of age
Sunday School Supplies and Spanish Bibles Donate  
Need used Gloves, Bats and Softballs Donate  
Men's Baseball Uniforms
Donated by Ring Gold UMC
  Ready to Become an Alcance Angel?
Click here to contact us today and reach out with a Message of Hope!
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they need an alcance angel
They need an
Alcance Angel
daily food preparation
Daily Food
construction for feeding centers
Construction for
Feeding Centers
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