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hungry children being fedIntroducing the Savior and
Reducing the Suffering

Alcance Nicaragua Inc. is a not for profit corporation (501 (c) (3)) located in Kennesaw, Georgia. Alcance means ‘outreach’ in Spanish and our primary focus is church planting in Nicaragua. In addition to being one of the poorest economy in the Western Hemisphere, it is estimated that nearly 80% of communities in Nicaragua do not have a Church and 94% of rural Nicaraguans do not attend church regularly. It is our belief that everything starts with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Since our inception in 2004, our Mission has been two fold: (1) to lead individuals into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and (2) to reduce human suffering. In September 2006, we dedicated our first church in Rubin Dario, Nicaragua.

Alcance Nicaragua is honored and blessed to have a strategic relationship with El Ayudante, a Tennessee based Christian organization (, whose main mission is to facilitate mission teams in Nicaragua.

Total Population in Nicaragua is 5.3 million...

3.7 million people (70%) live on less than $2/day (defined as “poor”).
1.1 million people (21%) live on less than $1/day (defined as “extreme proverty”).

2.1 million people (40%) live in houses made from scrap material.
2.7 million people (50%) live in overcrowded conditions.

477,000 children (33%) suffer from chronic malnutrition.
2.7 million (50%) do not have access to essential medicines.
Only 3 doctors for every 8,000 people.

2 of 3 children will not complete 6th grade.
6 of 7 rural Nicaraguans will not complete secondary school (7th thru 11th grade).

60% of rural water supplies are contaminated.
95% of farm land is not cultivated during the 6 month dry season.

Mission Statement
In obedience to The Great Commission, the mission of Alcance Nicaragua is to plant churches in Nicaragua by bringing people together in congregations so that they can develop personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

The objectives of church planting are:

• Evangelism
• Leadership development and personal growth
• Developing alliances with other churches
• Building facilities for worship, schooling, and for meeting social and physical needs

All of our effort will be done with reliance on the Holy Spirit so that we can lift up Jesus Christ and expand His ministry through preaching, teaching and healing.

Our Vision
A vibrant body of spiritually alive believers, nurturing their neighbors, worshiping and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ throughout Nicaragua.

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ruben dario child in need
Ruben Dario
Child in Need
mike vickers feeds the children
Mission Volunteer
Feeds the Children
jaun carlos preaching the gosple
Juan Carlos Sandoval
Missionary Evangelist

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